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Requested Customer Reviews


Mover Rankings is a website which provides you a set of moving company's information. These companies are being subject to heavy scrutinizing and all reviews are pre screened. We rate these companies according to reviews they get. As reviews play a dominant role, some customers forget to post the feedbacks or they may get biased by third-party. To reduce the burden of requesting your customers to post their reviews or feedback about the service you provided, we have come up with a new and indigenous solution. You can now give us your customer list for us to contact and we will get your company feedback directly from them. This will reduce your customers time since they don't have to come online search for a review page go through all the hassles and submit a review.

Hardworking but still unrecognized company? Do not worry! Requested Customer Reviews ( RCR ) is here to help you.

Showing your uniqueness tend to rise above competitors. This uniqueness shouldn't be a show off from falsehood. When people visit our site they will check for top companies. Your company will also be on the top of the list when you get correct reviews.

We Will Help You without Any Consideration

Relocate, review, reconsideration (3R's) are our norms. You do a safe move. We will collect the reviews from your customers and they will get reconsideration for using our service.


We Will Collect Reviews from Your Past Users

Send us your customers list with email ids and/or phone numbers. We will never share any of the data to third parties. Requested Customer Reviews ( RCR ) is here to change your life forever.

We Will Take Up the Responsibility

We will email or call your customer as a mediator and collect the reviews on your behalf.

We Will Get Your Company Updated

After getting response from the users, we will intimate you and make sure your company reviews gets updated in our site within five days.

We Will Make You As Well As Your Customers Happy

For you the reward will be the reviews when you get top ranked. For customers, after using the satisfied moving services provided by you and the gifts as a reconsideration from us.

Requested Customer Reviews ( RCR ) will make your Business Grow.

Download this excel sheet fill the customer's details and email to us at