Moving Company Fined for Breaching Consumer Protection Laws

Having received growing number of grievances in opposition to moving companies, the office of consumer protection director “Eric Friedman” has stated that “Holding someone’s personal goods and memories hostage in exchange for payment of exorbitant fees is inexcusable.”

With that said, a Gaithersburg moving company has also been fined for breaching Montgomery County’s consumer protection law, sources say that the company is operated by Adam Shaikh.

Shaikh has been fined an amount of $3,000 covering six civil citations, stemming from three consumer complaints.

Shaikh, who did business as Big Brothers Moving in Gaithersburg has found breaching some of the laws; the violations included holding goods hostage, failing to say whether a moving estimate was binding or non-binding, perverting services including in estimates and charging extra and misrepresenting online that the company was licensed and insured.

How to Find a Moving Company with Moving Reviews

Moving from one place to another can be a preferred thing for many but, not along with the possessions. In view of the fact that, it is one of the stressful acts, not many will have an idea of how to get by. When done with proper planning your move can be breezy. Professional and personal assistance is indispensable here!


To cope up with the stress of moving there are certain things that you should be following. One of the foremost things is to read moving reviews. This will help you to make your move breezy.

Surprisingly, helping you to take the correct decision, probably this is one of the most complex parts. Majorities of the population in US tend to move from one state to another due to various reasons; however, how many have you seen reading through moving reviews in order to select a moving company. Besides, all moving company assures you finest service, however, not all of them in reality can offer you with such quality service. Therefore, prior to your move, plan it and read through several moving company reviews to select a good US mover. Here are a few reasons.

Before hiring a moving company, going through the moving reviews will help you make the right choice. With that said, you will get an insight of the moving services offered by the respective moving company before appointing them through mover reviews.

Finding genuine reviews about a company can give you the assurance that the moving company you select will work as how you expect. Once you are done with reading reviews, even if it is a bad moving company review, you may decide to research over them more in order to find out the fact. On the whole, this will help you protect your safety during relocation.

Vital factors to consider in finding a best moving company

Basically in order to find moving company we need to consider three factors

  • Type of services offered by a moving company.
  • Area that the moving company covers.
  • Cost of services.

Type of services you want based on that you must choose a moving company. For example if you are planning a residential relocation, you need to look for a company that specializes in residential relocation services. Residential relocation requires great professional movers to move the household items carefully without any damage. Same is true for commercial relocation.

In addition to that find out whether the moving company offering best services with proper planning, the methods and procedures of company uses for moving and storing, are they using latest moving tools such as quality packing material, moving boxes and supplies, safe moving vans and storage rooms with proper security features.

After analyzing this all, if you are satisfied with particular company then next step you want to look for is find out the area that covers.

More significantly your choice of selecting moving company must depend upon the cost of services they provide. For instance, if you selected the best movers but it doesn’t suites your budget then you can’t go for it. So it’s advisable to look for the best company service based on your budget.

Suggestions for Corporate Move

Moving your business from one place to another involves a lot of complicated actions. If it is mot well-planned there is a chance that your corporate moving may become devastate. Luckily to help you, there are several moving companies out there; Keeping years of knowledge in serving household with business move from one place to another. Here are some suggestions to make your corporate move hassle free.


Efficient office move

  • It must need proper planning.
  • Advance planning is very essential.
  • Notification about your move should be given to all your customers, suppliers and other business associates.
  • Good to make a verify list of all those responsibilities which require to be complete.

Effective Plan

  • To continue your business work without any disturbance during moving.
  • Maintaining service obligations to your clients and avoiding costly interruptions.
  • For Long distance move, it is feasible to shift your corporate works to any temporary place for few days so that all your business works can continue without any disturbance.
  • It is sufficient to ask your workers to work from their residence, till the new office begins running.

Assessment of new place

  • It is necessary to have an outlook of your new place before move, so as to you can plan where your furniture and business items to be placed.
  • Check the place whether everything is well designed as per your needs.
  • Arrange for the required equipment earlier.

Corporate moving is obviously hard job but proper planning and vigilant finishing would assist to entire move successfully.

Free moving quotes and its importance

Moving Quotes is an estimated quotation which includes the moving costs and many moving companies offers these quotes freely.

Need of moving quotes

When you are going to move and want to hire the best moving company it is really a good decision to get free quotes from different moving companies.  Here are the reasons which deal about its importance.


  • Helps to know about the costs of moving.
  • It allows you the chance to compare different moving companies.
  • Assists you to be familiar with the services provide by movers.
  • You can be aware of additional moving charges.

Obtain true quotes – how?

You need to be careful in obtaining free moving quotes as there are lots of moving scams happening in today’s world. So to help you here are few Steps to obtain accurate quotes.

Step 1: Search for trustworthy moving companies.
Step 2: Make a list of few companies which provides moving services.
Step3: Give them a call and do an interview to find out whether it fulfills your need.
Step 4: If you feel that the mover is trustworthy request them to provide you quotes.

Moving services will chop your stress

Moving is one of the most stressful event which happens in everybody ‘s life. Most people are working or taking care of the families, in spite of their busy schedule they have to pack all the items. Thinking of shifting itself will give headache to many people. They can help to eradicate lot of stress which happens due to shifting and make people happy. Nowadays there are many moving companies which help people to move from one place to another. Many professionals are working in the moving service. You can hire these kinds of movers for residential relocation or for commercial relocation. These kind of movers are very much helpful to people to move to same town or to nearby town or to different area. They are making the moving job so much easier and they are very much affordable. Many movers provide complete service from start of the move to finish. There are so many companies available in the market look for the best which is reliable. Certain things you need to check while choosing a company. You need to make sure that the company is insured, this is a kind of extra protection.

You need to make sure that if anything gets spoiled they will cover the cost by replacing it. These movers will handle all the items with fragile. The people who work in these types of companies will wear uniform and they will also have all the equipments which are needed for the move. The type of equipment will differ depending upon the things you have and the quantity of the things. All the staffs working in moving service know how to operate the equipments. Almost all the moving service will have expert packing amenities to ensure safe transport of every item from the durable to fragile items. They will use very high quality packing materials; every item will be cushioned and cautiously loaded onto the truck. Before you selecting a company collect the quote from all the companies which are near to your home, this will show the whole range of price options. The more quotes you get, the better chance you will get a good deal.

Moving companies will ask you so many questions like where you live and where you are relocating. They will raise question about your belongings, and about your home. You need to tell them about all your belongings in prior, so that they will bring the equipments accordingly. Many People are very much concerned about the procedures they use while shifting valuable items. They will cover the valuable items or they will use some other methods so that the items won’t get any scratches or damages. There are companies that provide amenities on seven days a week, while some company’s offer service on weekends. You can find these companies in phone books or you can visit websites. Hiring a shifting service will make your job so easier. You won’t feel so much of stress and the job will also be done with speed.