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Moving Tips

People generally do believe moving as a very delicate task. But actually the process can be carried in a much simpler way if you plan and organize it in a proper way well advance in time. Prioritize your moving needs such as deciding on the appropriate moving services, packing, moving day as much as earlier in order to avoid the last minute rush. The following 101 tips will serve as a guide in aiding you how to organize a stress –free move.

  1. It is better to pack items that are least used by you prior 1 to 2 months before your actual move
  2. Prepare checklist for your moving plans categorizing it as 2 months, 1 month, 2 week, a week and 2 days before the move.
  3. Get referrals from friends who have made their move recently for knowing the novel information about the company
  4. Approach any moving agents or surf the government sites to get the true details regarding the quality of moving company
  5. Do complete researches on moving companies before you plan to settle your deal with any particular company.
  6. Hire movers those are legally licensed and insured
  7. Better contact moving companies earlier at least before 60 days as the movers may get very busy especially in summer months.
  8. Don't get quotes through phone; it is better to get direct on-site estimates from moving companies
  9. Make direct visits to moving company so that you could check their operated trucks and storage facility.
  10. Check whether the trucks are labeled with company's name because some companies may sub-contract the job to another company
  11. Ask moving company to make visit to your home for deciding on the moving estimates
  12. Never hire a mover who gives you a quote based on cubic feet.
  13. Get quotes from multiple companies and don't ever stick with one particular estimate so that you can compare and pick the best price quote.
  14. Prior beginning your packing process, make sure you visit every room and sort things which you need to move/purge.
  15. Pack your used items, reference books and stack of newspapers first as those are been rarely used.
  16. Check items whether anything needs special packing and extra insurance.
  17. Better donate your unused things to charities instead throwing it uselessly.
  18. You can also plan for moving sale or online sale to sell your expensive items.
  19. Purchase packing boxes well in advance if you are planning to pack things on your own.
  20. Visit your nearby supermarkets and ask them to set aside some boxes for you. This may save some pennies for you.
  21. Buy separate wardrobe boxes than to stuff all items in a common box.
  22. Make sure you have some extra boxes for stuffing your perishables as this helps much in your last minute packing.
  23. Select boxes that are of same size as it will be easy for you to fill in, load and unload.
  24. Ensure you pack items in the boxes that are more secure.
  25. Remember to tightly seam the bottom of the box by running a tape perpendicular to that seam.
  26. In order to avoid crashing, pack smaller items in larger box and large items in a box that does not give out any extra space.
  27. Stuff boxes with items below 30 pounds as it helps eliminate the hassle of items being getting dropped.
  28. Pack items together that are similar.
  29. Pack medicinal items separately and don't mix or stuff in a common box where you pack the kitchen utensils.
  30. Heavier items should be placed at the bottom and some extra space need to be left above for packing items that are highly brittle.
  31. Use paper or a plastic sheet to wrap each item. Don't directly stuff items without wrapping.
  32. Label each box with its content and also your name.
  33. Label boxes at its sides and not on the top.
  34. The boxes that contain brittle items should be labeled as fragile or handle with care
  35. Mark arrows on the boxes to indicate the direction of which the boxes have to be opened.
  36. Make sure utensils or other items are not wet while packing.
  37. Sign the boxes that have electronic appliances in them.
  38. Have separate portmanteau to keep your child's things on the moving day so that they can put their school assignments, toys, records and other materials.
  39. If you have pets, start packing the pet materials one or two days before the move.
  40. Don't pack the important files with other items.
  41. Arrange the files and records in order of their year and file them in a separate suitcase maintaining it under your direct care.
  42. Maintain separate portmanteau to carry your important documents such as your bank account materials, Passport and cheque books.
  43. Make sure you don't carry items that are forbidden from moving like flammables and dangerous substances.
  44. Some people for cutting down the moving charges they tend to move their items at their own cost. But, it is recommended to hire a professional mover than to try on your own.
  45. Check the reviews before hiring any moving companies.
  46. Choose companies that operate in your locality as it could save you some extra expenses.
  47. Make sure you are clear with all the terms and policies before you sign a deal.
  48. Ensure there are no hidden agendas and costs.
  49. Remember to ask the company whether they charge for extra services like packing, so in need you could leave packing the items to movers.
  50. Note that there is a huge variation of cost between moving locally and moving long distance.
  51. Also, there is a difference between hiring a broker and hiring a moving company.
  52. Plan quite earlier the day that is convenient to make your move and intimate the same with the moving company.
  53. Clean your car both inside and out making it free from dirt.
  54. Remove coverings such as spare tire cover, grill cover.
  55. Have a written record of any dents, scratches or other cosmetic damage.
  56. Take pictures of your car from several angles so that you can make a claim in case of damage.
  57. Make sure you drain the petrol and diesel, so that it won't keep dripping during the move.
  58. Ensure to mark the records and photographs with appropriate date.
  59. Ensure you don't keep any personal belongings in the car which is being shipped.
  60. If you want to load your personal items then you are doing at your own risk no company will take responsibility for missing items.
  61. Before shipping, check the fuel level in your vehicle
  62. Maintain ¼ tank of gas as it could help run the vehicle in case of emergencies.
  63. Run down the extra fuel from your car if it holds more than the recommended fuel level.
  64. Make sure to turn off the security alarm system in the sedan.
  65. Give written instructions to disable the alarm in case it is triggered.
  66. Check whether there is any parts in the vehicle appear slack.
  67. Secure loose parts especially the spoilers, fog lights, mirrors and antennas.
  68. Remember to get an inspection report from the car shipping company.
  69. Check whether the report matches with the status of your car.
  70. The inspection report must contain the sign of both the owner and driver of the concerned company.
  71. The report will help to acquire claims in case of damages.
  72. Ask the transport company a copy of their insurance coverage to know whether your vehicle is insured against damage and theft.
  73. Check with the local transport department of the state to ensure whether the company is properly registered or not.
  74. Choose company based on the reputation and offered quality service, not by the cost.
  75. Take time for analyzing the pros and cons of the company.
  76. Make sure the company has experience in handling both regional and international transport as it could independently operate car carriers without outsourcing.
  77. Transit time factors, compliance issues and legal tax payments have to be taken into consideration.
  78. If you engage in international shipping make sure the company takes responsibility in dealing with paper terms, export documentation, bills and other terms and policies.
  79. Do not pay the entire amount until you receive back your vehicle at the specified place.
  80. Do not pay the advance/deposit more than 25% of your total payment.
  81. Pay your due amount only after you receive your vehicle in a proper condition.
  82. Check the tire pressure of your vehicle before you leave the sedan to haulers.
  83. The battery condition and also the anti freeze level of the car need to be monitored.
  84. Make sure your sedan does not have any oil leakage.
  85. Check whether anything needs to be fixed especially the car leaking fluids such as oil and other transmission fluid.
  86. If you want to move your convertible make sure they are packed together in a same row of the hauling vehicle.
  87. Make sure to secure the convertible at the top in order to prevent damage from debris, air and moisture.
  88. Add extra protection with a wind-resistant tarp if could not secure the top.
  89. Check the hauling vehicle whether the necessary fire retardant and extinguisher are placed.
  90. Note the odometer readings right from pickup and the point of delivery of the vehicle.
  91. Have a clear course plan of what type of method you are going to opt – open trailer transport/enclosed trailer transport.
  92. Open trailer method will be less expensive than the enclosed as vehicles are transported in an open mode.
  93. If you are about to ship your expensive vehicles then opt for enclosed trailer method.
  94. Enclosed method can fit only few vehicles but complies with great insurance coverage.
  95. Choose auto transport companies on knowing their in-depth terms, procedures, pros and cons.
  96. Once you receive quotes form shipping companies, ensure to cross check with online auto transport calculator.
  97. Decide your course of delivery - door-to-door/ terminal-to-terminal/port-to-port.
  98. When you are about to move ask driver any last minute questions about the shipping process.
  99. If you are moving regionally make sure the driver has a proper record of your contact details.
  100. As a final check, once again confirm the company's legal license, insurance factors, terms and policies and positive reviews of the customers.
  101. Confirm the terms of the contract once again when your vehicle is about to get shipped.