Moving strategies during peak season

The peak season is a challenging time for both movers and moving companies. The term “peak season” often implies summer time. When the season gets warmer, families will move for vacation. People often choose to travel in summer, in order to avoid accidents during winter due to slippery roads and snow. During this period the moving companies should compete with each other to provide services to people who are moving for a break. For a hassle-free moving experience, it is good to plan early. With the well organized pre- planning, you can beat the moving rush.


Successful movingClimatic conditions:

The summer season is preferred by movers because it offers a safe and easy driving experience reducing the risk of accidents that are caused by snow filled roads and frozen hands and feet. It is very difficult to relocate from one place to another in snow storm or freezing temperature, hence summer is the best time for moving.

Seasonal work:

Many people move in summer, in order to find temporary employment. So, to stay close to their work place, they need to relocate. Companies usually shift their employees in warmer months, when the business encounters temporary decline.

End of the academic year:

Summer break gives a good chance for the children to relocate, to find new school near the newly shifted residence.

Real estate:

There are more number of houses for rent in later spring than autumn season, which gives wide choice to choose your appropriate home.

Reduction in moving cost:

In order to attract customers, many moving companies offer excellent discounts during summer, when the number of relocates reaches its peak.

Whale of time available:

Since it is a vacation period, you can spend plenty of time in arranging and organizing your move. The possibility of missing items and making hasty decisions are reduced to a great extent.

Tips to prepare for peak season move:

Early planning:

Making an appointment

Booking your move prior with a moving company is the best way to make sure everything will go as planned.

Planning as early as possible is the key for a successful move. If you are going to relocate during the peak season, it is good to book the moving company, a month early. Through early reservation of the moving company, you can set up a convenient pick-up-date. Always keep in mind that the delivery date is not guaranteed during peak season. It is advisable to visit the moving company a week before the agreed date, to ensure everything goes smooth according to the plan. It is also important to confirm the availability of professional moving crew on the prescribed date.

Do conscious packing:

There is great demand for moving supplies during peak season. The packing process can be carried out easily by using the moving materials like packing tape, bubble wrap, padding items, tape dispenser, cardboard boxes, and moving blankets etc. For proper and efficient packing, keep the moving materials handy. Start the packing process a week before the moving day. Spend at least couple of hours every day to pack your valuable possessions, in order to avoid hectic last minute packing. Get lists of non-allowable items that cannot be shipped by your moving company and don’t waste time in packing them.

Choose trustworthy movers:

The moving professionals from a trust worthy and reputed company can reduce the laborious work of relocation process to a great extent. But selecting a trustworthy mover is a great deal. Get quotes from several moving companies in your locality and select the best one that fits into your budget. The business of moving companies, shoots up during the peak season, they are liable to sign up for more jobs. So, ensure that the mover’s trucks and other requirements for moving are appropriate, to avoid unfortunate conditions. During peak season it is possible to get caught into the “moving scam”, so double check the documents of the movers.

Avoid hazardous materials:

When moving in hot summer months, avoid carrying hazardous materials that explode or catch fire easily. For instance, if you’re relocating your gas cylinder in hot summer, it gets overheated and may explode. Don’t pack materials that can melt at high temperature, as it can spoil or warp the container.

Consider the weather:

It is very important to stay cool and hydrated, if you are relocating in hot summer. Keep in mind that the scorching heat is going to accompany you throughout the moving process. So, dress in light –colored and comfortable clothes, on moving day. Consume plenty of water, as it keeps you hydrated. In between the moving process, intake of the wholesome snacks, granola bars and fruits, helps you to retain energy. If you or the movers involved in relocation process feels too hot, placing cold wet towel, on the back of the neck, lowers the body temperature and gives quick relief from heat. Moving in hot sun may cause discomfort to your skin. Protect your skin from sunburns and tanning by using quality sunscreen lotion.

Stay healthy

Boost yourself periodically by drinking water or other energy drinks. Avoid aerated drinks while moving.

Prepare essentials box:

During peak season your shipment may be delayed, due to busy roads and limited storage spaces. You may arrive at your new residence before your belongings, so ensure that all your essentials travel with you. Prepare a separate essentials box that includes all the items you require to survive for a week. By doing this, you can survive in your new home immediately, without expecting the arrival of your belongings.

Packing materials to be kept handy

Be self-sufficient with packing materials as during seasonal time these are first to go out of stock!

Mind the documents:

Don’t forget to carry your relevant papers and documents, while moving in high season. Always make sure that your professional movers also carry their license, vehicle registration and insurance papers. Retrieve the medical and school records; notify your change of address to neighbors. So that it is easy for you to access your postal letters, payment bills etc.

Prefer early morning move:

During summer, the heat intensity is too high. So try to load all your possessions in the truck before the sun rise and move as early as possible. It is wise, if you get your truck parked in front of the home the night before you leave so that you can start loading your household items in evening or before the dawn of the sun.

By following the above strategies, your relocation process during seasonal time becomes easy and blissful.

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