Moving Season: Exploring Moving Companies

As peak moving season kicks off in Illinois, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) is advising residents to conduct thorough research on moving companies before embarking on any relocation plans.
According to ICC’s Chief of Police, Ruben Ramirez, “A simple online search or reaching out to the ICC can significantly shield residents from falling prey to moving scams. Spring marks a busy period for moving, which unfortunately can lead to an increase in deceptive or unscrupulous movers. The ICC stands ready to provide resources to assist Illinoisans in evaluating potential movers, thus averting the financial and emotional hardships of a mishandled move.”

In Illinois, intrastate moving companies are required to be licensed by the ICC (Illinois Commerce Commission). Consumers can verify if an intrastate household goods mover is appropriately licensed to operate in Illinois and check the number of complaints filed against each company on the ICC website or by calling 217-782-6448. For interstate moves, the mover must be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The ICC offers Smart Tips for hiring a mover:

  • Verify if the moving company is licensed by the ICC for Illinois operations.
  • Avoid relying solely on mobile apps for selecting and scheduling movers.
  • Invite the mover to visit your home to assess your belongings and discuss expectations for the move.
  • Obtain a written estimate to understand the expected costs on moving day.
  • Discuss options for loss and damage protection and ensure it is documented.
  • Prepare to pay 110 percent of the written estimate on moving day; movers cannot withhold your goods if you pay this amount.
  • Clarify any “freebies” offered by the mover to avoid surprises later.
  • Initiate your search at least six weeks before the move.

Throughout the year, ICC Police Officers enforce compliance with state laws, issuing administrative citations for violations such as operating without a household goods license or driving with a suspended license. Increased patrols will be conducted in various areas across the state in the coming weeks to ensure movers adhere to state regulations.

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