Owner of Aurora moving company receives a 6-year sentence for theft of customer belongings.

The proprietor of an Aurora-based moving company has been sentenced to six years in the Department of Corrections following a jury’s February conviction on two counts of theft.

At 40 years old, Huseyn Nemat-Zoda served as the proprietor of H&M Relocation Services when accusations arose that the company neglected to deliver approximately $151,000 worth of customers’ belongings. Prosecutors alleged that Nemat-Zoda targeted individuals undergoing cross-country moves who lacked the resources or opportunity to resist.

Initially pleading not guilty on January 11, Nemat-Zoda underwent trial from February 20 to 23, as documented in court records.

The two theft charges date back to June 2021 when Nemat-Zoda was contracted to transport belongings from Greeley to another state. According to court records, the items never reached their destination, and Nemat-Zoda ceased communication with the victims.

After the victims filed a report with the Greeley Police Department, authorities discovered the victims’ possessions at a self-storage facility in Englewood.

During the sentencing hearing on May 9, Weld County Deputy District Attorney Daniel Skelton asserted, “He was fully aware of his actions throughout, and nothing deterred him.” Skelton continued, “Individuals who placed their trust in the kindness of others found themselves vulnerable to his exploitation, as he absconded with their funds, leading them on with empty promises. He preyed on the desperation and innocence of others to serve his own gain.”

The Weld County District Attorney’s Office also noted that victims addressed the court during the sentencing hearing.

The owner is also confronting a felony theft charge in Denver.

The victims’ belongings were located by authorities in a self-storage business in Englewood after the victims filed a police report with the Greeley Police Department.

Nemat-Zoda is also facing a felony theft charge in Denver District Court, accused of utilizing his company to allegedly steal from another Colorado resident relocating out of state. The victim claims she contracted with H&M Relocation Services in June 2022, agreeing to pay approximately $3,383 to Nemat-Zoda in three installments.

However, she alleges that upon Nemat-Zoda’s arrival for the move, he initially stated that she had not disclosed several items during the estimation process, demanding full payment because the truck was already packed. According to the victim, when she returned with the funds, Nemat-Zoda demanded thousands more in payment.

The victim alleges that her belongings were held for around three months, with the moving company owner reportedly threatening to donate the items to charity unless additional payment was provided. She filed a complaint in Denver, accusing Nemat-Zoda of stealing over $100,000 worth of her property.

Although Nemat-Zoda initially entered a plea in the Denver case, he withdrew it on October 19, 2023. His legal representation is scheduled to appear for the case on May 31, according to Colorado Court records.

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Investigators with the Denver DA’s Office have said they do not believe this was an isolated incident with the suspect’s company, H&M Relocation Services. In 2022, the investigators asked anyone who believed they might have been a victim of Nemat-Zoda to call the Economic Crimes Unit at 720- 913-9179.

According to Colorado court records, Nemat-Zoda was facing four counts of theft for the Weld County case, but the district attorney’s office dismissed two of the charges. According to the Department of Corrections inmate locater, Nemat-Zoda is currently being held in Denver. He will be eligible for a parole hearing in December 2026, according to the DOC.

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A victim reportedly expressed, “Every week, we clung to hope that our belongings would arrive at our new home, but they never did. It was a devastating ordeal, both financially and emotionally. He has inflicted wounds upon us that have left us shattered.”

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