Things you should never entrust to movers

Moving all your belongings safely to your new residence is the most tedious task of the relocation process that requires a lot of preparations and careful planning. Apart from your ordinary home appliances and furniture, there are some special items such as essentials, heirlooms and cherished possessions, which are the reminiscent of your beloved ancestors, must be moved only by you with great care. Though you book a trustworthy and reputed moving company, it is not advisable to entrust these things to them.

List of items you should always move by yourself:

Essential documents:

It is much recommended to keep your important paper works such as passports, driving licenses, medical reports, birth certificates, insurance policies etc, handy. These documents you may need immediately after the arrival to your new place. During peak season move, you may arrive early than your belongings, so it is wise to carry all the essential documents with you, instead of shipping it.

Expensive jewelries:

Jewelries are the delicate items that are much prone to mysterious disappearance. During daunting moving process there are a lot of possibilities to miss or misplace your priced ornaments. Hiring reputed movers will not assure the safety of your jewelry, since there are no people in the world without awe for expensive items. Even if you book trust worthy movers, you may protect your jewelry from getting stolen, but damage- free ornaments shipment is not guaranteed. If you’re carrying out a DIY approach means ensure to store the ornaments in a separate fabric lined box to avoid tangling of chains and bracelets, gemstone break and surface scratches of your invaluable possessions.

Costlier electronics:

Expensive electronic gadgets such as laptops, digital cameras, smart phones, stereo head phones rank top the list of stolen items during a hectic relocation process. In order to protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft, it is better to keep your personal information stored gadgets along with you.


costlier electronic things

Summer move may create irrevocable damage to your heat sensitive electronics, so it is wise to transport such items in car that you’re using for your move, instead of moving truck. Expensive hefty electronics that include Plasma TV and personal computer cannot be moved on your own, so before loading them in truck, ensure that they’re well protected with sturdy card board boxes and padding materials that provide proper heat insulation.

Heirloom items:

Missing your ordinary house hold stuff will leave you stressed but losing your family heirlooms that embodies high sentimental value will leave you in long lasting grief. Whether it’s a costly diamond ring or broken wall clock, family heirlooms means a lot more than an item. So, immense care must be taken while packing and moving the precious keepsakes. You may safeguard these priceless valuables carefully but you cannot expect your movers to do so. To keep unnecessary frustration at bay, carry the heirlooms with you, never relay on movers.

Art works and prized collections:

The valuable collections such as foreign coins, age old stamps, rare pens etc, are never less than your expensive jewelries. Don’t risk the safety of your dear collections, by letting your movers to ship it. The delicate paintings and art works must also be transported only under your surveillance. In case it is too large to fit into a car, protect it with custom wooden crates, bubble wraps and plenty of foam sheets, before your professional movers load them inside moving truck.

Survival kit:

It is always wise to prepare and carry with you an essential box that includes toiletries, change of clothes, medicines and small tools. You cannot start you day without brushing or bathing and you cannot be happy at your new home, if you’re sick or met with injuries, so accompanying a survival kit is paramount.

Loose cash and credit cards:

While travelling you need to pay for road tolls, snacks and drinks and other unavoidable expenses. Keeping cash and credit cards handy help you get rid from the hassle of opening the locked suitcase every now and then.

Pets and plants:

The pet animals and plants are the two things that rank top among the most difficult things to move. Several precautionary measures must be taken while shifting these close to heart things. Never let your movers to relocate your pets, keep in mind that it may be valuable possession for you, but not for them. To ensure your pet’s safety, it is much recommended to keep them with you.

Avoid hazardous materials:

There are some items that should not be moved either by movers or even by you. Keep in mind that carrying hazardous materials such as kerosene, car battery, gas cylinders etc, may end up with unfortunate incidents. So, avoid carrying hazardous items as far as possible.
Even you carry some essential belongings with you most of the hefty possessions are shipped by movers. So, check the insurance policies of your moving company to ensure that your stuff comes under their norm. This way you can claim reimbursement for goods, in case of damage or theft of your belongings. Though your movers are highly professional, making your move successful is in your hands.

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