Tips for moving in the winter

Though the weather is unpredictable during winter, it is a great time to move and save on your moving costs, since; rental truck agencies and moving companies are more affordable during inclement weather. Even apartment hunting is much easier in winter. The ultimate aim of this article is to leave you well acquainted about keeping both your belongings and family safe during snowy weather move.

Precautionary measures to be taken before moving:


Keep snow at bay:

Make sure the walkways, sidewalks and drive ways are free from snow. If needed sand the area, in order to ensure safe moving. You can save ample moving time by clearing snow around your home and making your pathway anti-slippery. Usage of floor coverings protect your home’s floor from getting soaked and it also reduce the risk of injuries, since it provides good friction, when you carry hefty items out of your home. Large cardboard pieces are affordable alternative to rugs and carpets.

Check the parking area of your new home:

Considering the parking area of your new home is also paramount. Ensure whether there is enough space available for parking your moving truck at your new residence else it would be difficult to unload your items on time. Prior to your move, clear the snow and ice around your new residence’s parking area.

Set up utilities beforehand:

It is virtually impossible to stay at your new home without heat and lights during winter season. So set up all the utilities well in advance and also ensure that they’re functioning properly.

Be prepared with a back-up plan:

Preparing an alternative plan for a winter move is always appreciated. Inform your friends about your move so that they can help you in your move, incase if the movers are unavailable on the moving day due to bad weather. You cannot ensure that your road way is always obstacle free during winter season, being prepared with an alternate route will help you reach your destination without hassle. Inquiring highway authorities on current condition of your planned route may also help you take informed decision about your move.

Things to be packed for winter move:

Warm attires and extra gloves:

Sturdy leather jackets, sweaters, woolen socks, scarf, hats and gloves play a significant role in keeping you warm. Great care must be taken while packing your children’s clothing because it is the apparel that protects your little ones’ from harsh weather and wind chill. A pair of boots renders a helping hand to fight against the frosting snow.

Anti-slippery materials:

The anti-slippery materials give assurance for safe footing. Entrance and carpet area are the places that encounter lots of foot traffic on the moving day. Carry card board pieces and place it on your new home entrance, this way your place is protected from foot impressions and safety of your movers is also ensured as it act as an anti-slippery agent. Equip yourself with extra bags of salt or sand, since it makes walking on icy spots easy.

Keep snow shovel handy:

Snow is obvious during winter season. Keeping snow shovel within easy access help you remove snow around your new residence easily and instantly. Instead of loading it in truck, it is much recommended to load it in car that you’re using for your travel, ensuring shovel’s easy reliability.

Hot beverages:

Hot beverages such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate revitalize you during your winter move. Pack instant soup mixes and energy bars that make you feel refreshed. You might have packed spoons and cups in boxes and kept it inside your moving truck. It is highly impossible to unpack the box in between the move, so carry recyclable paper cups and wooden spoons for instant use.

Floor cleaner, rags, mop:

The mess created by the movers must be cleaned immediately. Employ yourself with floor cleaner, rag and mop for instant floor cleaning. Keeping your place clean and moisture free is very essential during winter, as it is the peak season when most of the bacterial infections emerge.
Be prepared with an essential box:
During winter season you may arrive quickly than your belongings. It is paramount to prepare the essential box that contains all your necessities that helps you stay trouble free at your new home.

Tire chains:

If you’re using DIY approach, you need to drive your car on your own. So purchase proper tire chains that let you drive smoothly on icy roads. When it comes to tire chains, never compromise in quality, also don’t hesitate to consult with mechanic for selecting suitable chain that perfectly fits your vehicle’s tire.

Carry emergency supplies:

Having ready emergency supplies such as flash light, jumper cables, roadside flares, emergency blankets, tow rope and ice scrapers, you can ensure your safety during your winter move. Carrying candles and matches, cell phone chargers, pocket warmers and emergency contact list, save you from dangerous risks.

Safety tips for winter driving:

Maintain a safe distance:

Make sure that there is enough distance between your car and the car in front of you, while driving on an icy road, where sudden brakes are virtually impossible. Always slow down your vehicles, when approaching bridges and overpass, to avoid unnecessary skids.

Check lights are working:

Accumulated snow and frost hides the road, even your vision during snowy weather, so you greatly need the help of lights while driving. Check headlights, brake lights and turning indicators are functioning properly. These lights enable others see you and for you to see them.

Control your speed:

Icy roads require a speed slower than the usual. Driving harshly on snow filled roads may end in disastrous accidents. Always drive your vehicle with good control, to reduce the possibilities of getting hit on black ice that is quite invisible.

The winter move gives you unrivaled delight and joy, if it is carried out with proper planning and organization. The moving tips furnished above helps you end up with a successful winter move.

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