7 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

Moving can be a daunting and time-consuming task. From packing and organizing your belongings to hiring movers and renting a truck to transport everything, there’s a lot to consider. Fortunately, there are a lot of moving truck rental companies that can help make your relocation easier. Here’s a look at seven of the best moving truck rental companies and what they can offer you.

  1. U-Haul: U-Haul is one of the most well-known moving truck rental companies. They have a wide range of rental trucks, cargo vans, and trailers available in a variety of sizes. U-Haul also offers packing supplies, towing equipment, and storage options.
  1. Budget Truck Rental: Budget Truck Rental is a great option for those on a budget. They offer competitive rates and a variety of truck sizes to choose from. They also have a number of add-on services, such as packing and loading assistance, that can make your move easier.
  1. Penske Truck Rental: Penske Truck Rental offers a wide selection of rental trucks, trailers, and towing equipment. In addition to rental trucks, they also offer packing and loading services to help make your move easier.
moving truck rental companies
moving truck rental companies
  1. Ryder Truck Rental: Ryder Truck Rental is a great option if you need to rent a truck for a long-distance move. They have a variety of rental trucks and trailers in a variety of sizes. They also offer packing and loading services, as well as a number of add-on services.
  1. Enterprise Truck Rental: Enterprise Truck Rental is another great option for those looking to rent a truck for a long-distance move. They offer a variety of rental trucks and trailers in a variety of sizes. They also offer loading and unloading services, as well as packing supplies.
  1. ABF U-Pack: ABF U-Pack is a great option for those looking to move long-distance. They offer a variety of rental trucks, trailers, and towing equipment. They also offer packing and loading services to make your move easier.
  1. 1-800-Pack-Rat: 1-800-Pack-Rat is a great option for those looking for a full-service moving solution. They offer packing, loading, and unloading services, as well as a variety of rental trucks and trailers in a variety of sizes.

No matter which of these moving truck rental companies you choose, you can be sure that they will be able to provide you with the equipment and services you need to make your move easier. They all offer competitive rates, a variety of rental trucks and trailers, and a variety of add-on services to make your move easier. With so many great options available, you’re sure to find the perfect moving truck rental company for your needs.

10 things to consider before hiring a professional mover

Much of the stress that comes with moving can be relieved by knowing and understanding your rights, before hiring a professional mover. Even, the moving companies are required by the law to provide their customers with federal publications explaining the moving process, in addition to their rights and responsibilities. Being aware of your rights, helps you to stay away from moving scams and make your moving experience a blissful one.

Ask for proper Estimates :

The moving company provides you with three kinds of estimates:

Binding: The final price of the move may exceed the estimated cost.

Non-binding: The final cost must be exactly the estimated cost.

Guaranteed-not-to-exceed: The final cost must be lower than the amount in the estimate.

You can select your comfortable estimate and make sure that the estimate is in writing, rather than verbal. Insist on on-site estimates and avoid upfront payment of cash. Deal with the moving company that inspect your home and prepare in-home estimates because only scammers tell their estimate over phone and demand extra fees by holding your belongings. As per “Consumer Protection Act”, it is offence to hold customer’s possessions, you can file a complaint against your mover and they will be punished under the section of “paid under protest”.

Consider the contracts :

To protect yourself from getting cheated, make sure that the estimate quoted by the moving company is a part of your contract, so that mover cannot charge you more than the quoted cost. The contract must include mover’s name, permanent address, description of their services, cost of the move, date of delivery, size and value of items that should be moved etc. Under the law of CPA (Consumer Protection Act), the contract must be in writing and it should be signed both by the customers and the movers.

Bill of lading :

The bill of lading is a receipt, which is issued by the movers to the consumer, after loading the items in the trucks. This receipt contains the information about the owner of the goods and all other estimates must be attached to it, before commencing the shipment. The moving company should also give inventory of house hold items, when loading the items in their transportation vehicle.

Reimbursement for your lost or damaged goods :

The moving company takes full responsibility for the damaged and disappeared items, during the move. All the moving companies have three levels of reimbursement options.

Minimal reimbursement: You are paid with 60 cents per pound for the items that is lost or damaged during the move.

Depreciated value: You are paid with the actual value of your goods.

Replacement value: The moving company will be ready to give anything that you declare as replacement.

It is mandatory for the moving company to specify the level of reimbursement for the damaged items in the service agreement, if they do not mention then they are liable to give full replacement value. The moving company is also liable to repair your damaged items, instead of replacing it with new one.

Claim for loss :

If you notice that any of your belongings are missing or damaged, you can file a written claim against your moving company, and the company should provide coverage for your loss, within 30 days. Once they receive your claim, the moving company will send you an acknowledgement receipt within 15 days. If the claim is not filed within 60 days after shipment, the company need not pay for the customer for the damaged goods.

Inquire the moving company :

Don’t hesitate to inquire your moving company about its insurance policies because most of the companies have policies that do not cover the items that you have packed. Ask your movers to show the storage space that they are using to store the items, this way you can ensure the security of your goods and minimize the possibilities of additional charges. Verify the license of your moving company to check its reputation. Dealing with licensed and insured company makes your relocation process easy.

Ask for copies of the documents :

Before signing any agreements, make sure that you read the entire agreement, also check no page is left unwritten. Ask for copies of all the documents you sign, especially bill of lading, which contains the entire details of the transaction and avoid dealing with the companies that refuse to give copies of the documents.

Get written “Order for Service” :

Getting the order for service in writing will save you from charge disputes. If you want to shift the items that are not included in the service agreement, then you can ask your company for “order for service” option, in which they shift the extra items for additional payment. Make sure that the order for service is written, to avoid ending up with doubling of the cost after the move.

File complaint :

The dispute with the company can be solved by writing a complaint letter to the company, explaining the issue, if they are not ready to hear your problem then a complaint can be filed against the moving company in the official website of the transportation department www.puco.ohio.gov. The PUCO (Public Utilities Commission Ohio) will help you in resolving your complaint with the moving company.

Be aware of moving scams :

Do online research and find minimum three professional moving companies in your locality and get multiple bids, so that it is easy for you to choose the right mover, who fits into your budget. Look for companies that have been in moving process for at least ten years. During peak season, scammers come out large in number, so checking the reputation of your moving company is very important. If you suspect your movers, call BBB (Better Business Bureau) and check the rating and the number of complaints your movers has on file. If you’re aware of fake movers and have knowledge about moving scams, then you’re less likely to get scammed.

By knowing your basic rights and responsibilities, you can make your move hassle-free.

List of best moving apps for a smart move

Moving apps:

Before the invention of smart phones, it was quite difficult for anyone to relocate from one place to another. Now-a-days smart phones have become an invaluable side kick to explore new things by providing many applications. Among them one of the most useful types of application is moving applications. Theses apps are versatile in providing guidance and relevant information for the user in creating check list, searching for the best moving companies and generate unique bar code that can be attached to the boxes that helps to track the box. With these moving apps it is easy to accomplish the moving process from start to finish. The main purpose of inventing these apps is to lighten the moving work load.

Some of the available moving apps:

Move match:

Move match can run only in android platform. It is available for free of cost, helps in determining the total volume and weight of your shipment and forwards the same to the movers explaining them where to drop the box. The probability of getting items missed is greatly reduced through this app. The relocation process becomes much easier through the detailed and intuitive information provided by this mobile application.

Screenshot of Move Match application

Screenshot of Move Match application showing results of companies sorted by country

Moving planner:

If we do the checking process manually we tend to do mistakes. This mobile application actually acts as a “check list”. Moving planner remains one of the popular applications among other moving apps since it displays numerous household items that are likely to be packed up. It helps in organizing your move in a right way.

Moving guru:

Moving guru is the prescribed app for searching professional movers. It is highly customized from other apps by providing acknowledgement to the users. “We’ve moved” notification is sent to the user which ensures them that their belongings are moved safely. An instructional moving tips video is provided which guides the user on how to shift items in your living room, kitchen, dining room and bed room. It is a good choice for home movers.

Moving day:

Moving day is the top ranking app. The regular process of label making involves entering and scanning the bar code manually which takes enough time, followed that label must be taken print out and then it is attached to the containers. The craze for moving day application has increased due to its unique in-built scanning process.

My move:

My move is developed by World Media Group. It is a free of cost app which helps in calculating the weight of your items and also provides valuable information for choosing suitable movers with proper reviews. Simplified design and quick responsive functionality are the two pillars of this moving organization application. The cool feature it has is the automatic sorting ability for your search criteria, to have easy access to the information you are searching for.

Let’s storage:

Let’s storage is an expert in supplying professional relocation assistance. The usage of this app increased in short span of time. It allows you to estimate the total space required to store the items. The displayed estimated space for the items is very essential for renting a truck. The tracking of the items is also easily done.

Moving van:

Moving van is a user friendly app. The export of the inventory list and the record of exact contents of each box are done easily through this app. Inventory list in PDF form can also be accessed with the help of moving van. This is an appropriate app for those who seek convenient shipment.


The traditionally used moving app is I-moving. While shifting getting an affordable moving company is a big issue. I-moving makes this job easier by offering proper moving quotes, so that it is easy for the user to choose the company which fits into their budget. Make sure that you opt for a proper licensed and insured moving company based on the performance ratings.

SmartStop self storage’s inventory tracker:

The items inside the storage locker can be easily tracked with the help of this I-phone application. The instant information it furnishes renders helping hands in providing safety for your costly possessions but you need to pay for it. If you look for a more practical tool then the unanimous choice is this app. To make your move little smarter, they have a unique feature, QR Code Scanner.

Screenshot of SmartStop inventory Tracker

Screenshot of SmartStop inventory Tracker displaying its QR Scanner feature

Move advisor:

The brand new moving app is moving advisor, which has the capability to impress every one with its elegant design and easy to use functionality. The ACTION button is the extremely useful feature it posses. For example, once you tap the ACTION button underneath reserve the truck, you are provided with options of top five truck rental companies. This free app is currently available only in android devices but the manufacturers assure the availability of this moving app in I-phone and I-pad very soon.


This is an “ultimate organized app” that enables the features like creation of custom label and QR label. The valuable possessions are well organized with visual inventories through sortly app. A prior check list is offered so that it is easy for the user to plan what should be done before the moving day.

State farm move tools:

It is a highly interactive and visually appealing moving app launched by an insurance company state farm. The supreme aim of this move tool is to assist an easy home move. The contents of the box can be edited at any time; this feature makes the labeling process much easy. The packing process can be started from wherever you want; all you need to do is just drag the items from the pre-defined inventory list available on the top of the screen.

The above showcased mobile applications will help you to make the tedious relocation process easier. It can be undoubtedly stated that moving apps are crucial in your moving adventure.

A resolution for hassle free relocation


Everyone looks for easy relocation but the possibilities of goods getting damaged are hazardous. Of course relocation is a challenging task which includes series of activities like packing, loading, unloading, rearranging etc. Hence, it is always recommended to hand over the task to a professional relocation service provider. There are wide ranges of vivid professionals readily available to handle the entire relocation process, but only an experienced professional team can do it in an efficient manner.

Since majority of the population are immigrating to metropolitan region, the demand for packers and movers companies has increased to greater extent. Arrival of Packers and movers really keeps the consumers away from the stress of relocation. The resolution comes here to meet your requirements.

Things to ensure before hiring a service provider:

Check for long term service provider

It is crucial to find a reliable service provider for assets guarantee and standardized service. Professional movers must apply innovative packing ideas to avoid breakage while loading and unloading. A good packers and movers should take care of all customer requirements.

Hire affordable service

Even though the service is awesome it must be affordable in terms of cost. Perhaps you want to move to a distant location, check whether it contains any additional or hidden price rather than scheduled cost.

Beware of fraudulent

There are plenty of fraudulent service providers in the market that claim high end services without having any previous experience. One might get deceived by them and also there is no guarantee for your valuable belongings. Hence a separate research is required in prior to ignore hazards.

Salient features of services:

Only a professional service provider can make your transit ease and safe. But the question is ‘how to find a genuine service provider?’ There are innumerable service providers in packing and moving industry around the world. You will come to know about their services only if you are really in need of transit.

  • Professional focus towards goods

Packing materials and styles depends on the size of an asset and the value it carries. Packing team should be wise enough to come up with new and secure packing techniques in order to avoid accidental breakages.

Packing materials and techniques

A good service provider uses modernized equipments for safe loading and unloading of weighted belongings to avoid damage. Moreover, special attention has to be given while packaging fragile goods. Options like bubble wrapping and air-tight containers can be considered for easy and break free transit. Likewise, different packing techniques can be incorporated for different category of goods.

Considering all the above mentioned factors while selecting a professional packing and moving company will lead to a safe and comfortable shift.

How to Find a Moving Company with Moving Reviews

Moving from one place to another can be a preferred thing for many but, not along with the possessions. In view of the fact that, it is one of the stressful acts, not many will have an idea of how to get by. When done with proper planning your move can be breezy. Professional and personal assistance is indispensable here!


To cope up with the stress of moving there are certain things that you should be following. One of the foremost things is to read moving reviews. This will help you to make your move breezy.

Surprisingly, helping you to take the correct decision, probably this is one of the most complex parts. Majorities of the population in US tend to move from one state to another due to various reasons; however, how many have you seen reading through moving reviews in order to select a moving company. Besides, all moving company assures you finest service, however, not all of them in reality can offer you with such quality service. Therefore, prior to your move, plan it and read through several moving company reviews to select a good US mover. Here are a few reasons.

Before hiring a moving company, going through the moving reviews will help you make the right choice. With that said, you will get an insight of the moving services offered by the respective moving company before appointing them through mover reviews.

Finding genuine reviews about a company can give you the assurance that the moving company you select will work as how you expect. Once you are done with reading reviews, even if it is a bad moving company review, you may decide to research over them more in order to find out the fact. On the whole, this will help you protect your safety during relocation.

Top 4 Guidelines When Choosing a Moving Company

If you are looking to the seek the services of an expert moving organizations organization in your area, you will definitely want to seek the services of the most effective one. First of all, it is better to begin the process as beginning as possible because it will definitely take you a while to find an efficient and effective moving organization. The beginning you look, the more you will be at relaxation to examine into a few organizations.

It is not the solutions that are essential, but the stability and satisfaction with the group also issues a lot.We best moving companies will provide you all with all facilities. We have top 4 guidelines for you when choosing moving organizations so you get primary solutions without any complications.

1. Toss Away Ineffective Belongings Right Away

If you have factors that are of no use now, gather them and eliminate them right away instead of awaiting the moving organizations to come in and do it for you. Check out old outfits, guides, furnishings, devices, and anything that you no more plan to use, or in the same way consider wasting. The more your space looks messy, the more it will be difficult and unpleasant for the moving organizations to help you gather and shift. Improve factors in order of going so it takes a smaller period of your energy and energy.

2. Take Several Estimates

It is always sensible to gather quotations from several moving organizations. This will help you evaluate the quality of solutions, advantages and expenses associated with each moving organizations. This is even important in case you are short on cash and want to invest only a portion of your advantages. Many moving organizations cost large volumes of cash, which is why it is much better to take quotations at least two several weeks before the going process actually starts.

3. Be Immediate and Specific

It is better to encourage the expert moving organizations group to come to your place and examine factors before the process starts. It will help them recognize how they will bring out factors. One of the most common gripes among clients has been the volumes of heavy expenses passed over to them when the tasks end. Though, many times such financial displeasures happen due to sketchy business methods of a organization, there have been circumstances where people cannot describe the job in an advance way.

Vital factors to consider in finding a best moving company

Basically in order to find moving company we need to consider three factors

  • Type of services offered by a moving company.
  • Area that the moving company covers.
  • Cost of services.

Type of services you want based on that you must choose a moving company. For example if you are planning a residential relocation, you need to look for a company that specializes in residential relocation services. Residential relocation requires great professional movers to move the household items carefully without any damage. Same is true for commercial relocation.

In addition to that find out whether the moving company offering best services with proper planning, the methods and procedures of company uses for moving and storing, are they using latest moving tools such as quality packing material, moving boxes and supplies, safe moving vans and storage rooms with proper security features.

After analyzing this all, if you are satisfied with particular company then next step you want to look for is find out the area that covers.

More significantly your choice of selecting moving company must depend upon the cost of services they provide. For instance, if you selected the best movers but it doesn’t suites your budget then you can’t go for it. So it’s advisable to look for the best company service based on your budget.

Suggestions for Corporate Move

Moving your business from one place to another involves a lot of complicated actions. If it is mot well-planned there is a chance that your corporate moving may become devastate. Luckily to help you, there are several moving companies out there; Keeping years of knowledge in serving household with business move from one place to another. Here are some suggestions to make your corporate move hassle free.


Efficient office move

  • It must need proper planning.
  • Advance planning is very essential.
  • Notification about your move should be given to all your customers, suppliers and other business associates.
  • Good to make a verify list of all those responsibilities which require to be complete.

Effective Plan

  • To continue your business work without any disturbance during moving.
  • Maintaining service obligations to your clients and avoiding costly interruptions.
  • For Long distance move, it is feasible to shift your corporate works to any temporary place for few days so that all your business works can continue without any disturbance.
  • It is sufficient to ask your workers to work from their residence, till the new office begins running.

Assessment of new place

  • It is necessary to have an outlook of your new place before move, so as to you can plan where your furniture and business items to be placed.
  • Check the place whether everything is well designed as per your needs.
  • Arrange for the required equipment earlier.

Corporate moving is obviously hard job but proper planning and vigilant finishing would assist to entire move successfully.

Free moving quotes and its importance

Moving Quotes is an estimated quotation which includes the moving costs and many moving companies offers these quotes freely.

Need of moving quotes

When you are going to move and want to hire the best moving company it is really a good decision to get free quotes from different moving companies.  Here are the reasons which deal about its importance.


  • Helps to know about the costs of moving.
  • It allows you the chance to compare different moving companies.
  • Assists you to be familiar with the services provide by movers.
  • You can be aware of additional moving charges.

Obtain true quotes – how?

You need to be careful in obtaining free moving quotes as there are lots of moving scams happening in today’s world. So to help you here are few Steps to obtain accurate quotes.

Step 1: Search for trustworthy moving companies.
Step 2: Make a list of few companies which provides moving services.
Step3: Give them a call and do an interview to find out whether it fulfills your need.
Step 4: If you feel that the mover is trustworthy request them to provide you quotes.

Moving Resources: Say goodbye to moving troubles

It is intricate dealing with large numbers of human resources and coordinating them across different locations, in particular when they’re moving around. Through so many decisions to remember, cautious planning is essential for an effortless move. One of the best remedy for your moving troubles are moving resources. Now we can see some moving resources which are available on the websites.

Moving FAQs: These are the best resource which is helpful for your move. Most of the websites provides a series of frequently asked questions to help you in organizing and scheduling your next move. Be free yourself and ask questions about the moving troubles. Sometimes your question is not answered, you can contact them.

Terms to know: This is the section to moving terms and conditions. Make up to date moving link with moving companies. So when moving day comes you can drop some of these terms whether it is a long distance mover or local mover.

Moving Reviews: The mover reviews are available on the accepted review websites to help people in picking up a competent moving company. You can submit moving review in the websites and easily find out the best movers.

Legal Information: This is the section that describes rights and responsibilities of moving companies. So you can easily find the trustworthy movers and enjoy the moving services.

Moverrankings.com is the largest website provides a lot of information about moving companies and their services. The main thing is that you can register moving companies with this huge database. Moving resources in our website surely help you at the time of relocation.