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136 Lafayette Rd (Route 1) PO Box 462
North Hampton
New Hampshire

Contact info:
Phone: 603-379-2272
Website: http://www.preferred-movers.com
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Mover Rankings is a leading directory of moving services in the United States of America. We provide complete database of all moving companies in US. Preferred Movers is located at North Hampton, New Hampshire - 3862, US. Please call us 603-379-2272 for all the details involved in moving services.

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Subject : Buncha bitch's - Reviewed by Eatme on 10/17/19
Review :
I have never been so humiliated than the time I was hired there. I was told to come in at 7am. So I did. Three days in, I came in at 7 and sat with the other movers, before heading out. The boss comes in and this guy who acted friendly to me those three days, out of know where says "Hes been coming in late the whole week" The boss moron turns to me and says "get out!" with the most anger he could possibly project. That place sucks ass. If your reading this review, you stupid, meat head pile of crap....learn to treat people with respect by training them. Give them the proper info and tell your Coolio wannabe to shove it.
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