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Joining is absolutely free. By joining us you can enjoy three different membership options like Ultimate (Special), Ultimate and premium. Take a look at our different membership offers and get back to us if you have any queries. Using PayPal for payments, contact us to get maximum benefit from our site. Take a look at the options to know some of the benefits that you can enjoy.

Company Membership Details

Feature Free Premium Ultimate Ultimate (Special)
Company Details * * * *
Images 3 3 5 5
Evaluation 150$ Free Free Free
Free Quotes(Quotes MR Program) 150$ Free Free Free
Promotion Banner(small - 175*80)* 50$ * * *
Promotion Banner(Large - 650*80)* - - * *
Pre Validated Negative Reviews* - - * *
Videos - 1 3 3
Top of Page Ads*
- - - *
Dispute reviews***
- * * *
Price(per month)
Free $200 $300 $600

Ultimate (special):

  • When you sign up for the Ultimate Special Member of Mover Rankings you can enjoy the benefit of placing your add banner of size 175x80, the best part is that you can even place on other company's pages. For specific fair reasons, this attribute is controlled in our home page and quotes page.
  • One greatest advantage that you can avail is, you can restrain and control a vital problem that you face online and that would be the negative reviews that get posted about your company and spoil your reputation. We at moverrankings act as an intermediary source and take accountability in finding out and validating the off-putting reviews.
  • Favorable access to MRS Quotes!
  • In order to attract your customers, we offer this special offer of 5 impressive images of your choice and up to 3 Videos on your page
  • Spaced out from the aforementioned benefits you can also enjoy posting a banner, which is of 650x80 sizes on your page.
  • If you feel that a customer or some rival is trying to interfere with your online presence then we can help you solve this issue. What we do is, we follow up with the customer who has stated the review and see whether it's valid or not. Asking them for proof, we will try to mediate and get to the bottom of the issue.


  • Becoming an ultimate membership holder in moverrankings will help a moving company take advantage of an important issue that they face online. It is the negative reviews! We at moverrankings help you get to the bottom of this issue by acting as an intermediary source. Finding out the exact problem and through validating it, you get an opportunity to sort out the exact issue and clear it out.
  • You get to post a banner on your page which is 650x80 sizes. Through this you can attract the customers in a better way.
  • You will get access to the most functional part- the MRS quotes
  • There is another attractive feature you can bring into play, if you sign up for this ultimate membership offer, and that would be the 5 impressive images and 3 videos.
  • This is the most important and interesting part, signing up under this category will help you dispute a review, if you feel that a customer or competitor is trying to interfere with your online presence. We at will make inquires with the customer who posted the review and check out if it's valid or not. Asking for proof of order and proof of business we will try to mediate and solve this issue.


When you sign up for the premium membership offer from moverrankings you get the following benefits. As you sign up with this category you get entitled to all the advantages.

  • You can make up a banner that is of 175x80 sizes and post it in the prime spot of your page to catch the attention of your customers.
  • As you sign up this category of membership, you will avail the most beneficial part and that would be the MRS quotes!
  • Have you ever thought of attracting your customers through striking images? Now you can make a best crack at it with us! You can add striking 3 images of your company along with this you get the opportunity of posting 1 videos as well.
  • Customers or competitors trying to interrupt with your online presence is a very common issue; by signing up this premium category membership you have the ability to dispute a review. We at will follow up with the customer who posted the review to make out if it is valid or not and then will ask them for proof of order / proof of trade done with your company. Mediating with this sort of issue we will solve it in the most efficient means that your company name doesn't get disfigured. By becoming a premium member you can utilize this service.