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Meathead Movers Inc Reviews & Ratings

3600 South Higuera St
San Luis Obispo

Contact info:
Tollfree: 866-843-6328
Phone: 805-544-6328
Fax: 805-781-0872
Website: http://www.meatheadmovers.com
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This unique enterprise, founded by two high-school brothers, has taken the simple philosophy of superior customer service and parlayed it into a thriving and growing company that has changed the way many people perceive the household moving and storage industry. Aaron and Evan Steed started Meathead Movers in 1997, when Aaron was a high school junior and Evan a freshman. Because of their school and athletic commitments, the two were having difficulties finding part-time work that fit around their busy schedules. One day the brothers helped a friends parents to move. This led to some immediate word of mouth about their labor service. The customary fee back then was usually $20.00 and pizza for a day s labor. The Steeds enjoyed the workout of moving, but they also enjoyed the gratitude they received from their clients after a job well done. In 1997, Aaron and Evan Steed helped a friend’s parent move and started doing more moving jobs as a way to earn money around their high school sports and academic schedules. The company didn’t even own trucks! Customers would rent a moving van or truck, pick the movers up themselves, drive them to their house and the movers would load their belongings. The client would then drive the moving truck to the new home, and the movers would unload. Aaron asked the clients to pay what they wanted, so often they were paid $20 and a pizza. The movers were clean-cut, polite, and hard-working. They posted flyers with tear-off strips holding Aarons pager number and soon began getting some response to their flyers that they printed in high school computer class. Aaron would usually get paged during school class time and would return the calls between classes from the school pay phone. Word of mouth spread, and within a few years they were completely supporting themselves—able to purchase their own cars, clothes, food and rent, as well as employ about 25 of their friends.
Meathead Movers Inc
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Insurance On file: $1,000,000
Required: $750,000
Year of Estimate 2/1/1997
Agent N/A
Hours of Operation:7 Days a Week, 8:00am - 6:00pm Payment Options: N/A
USDOT No: #921143 MC-MC-398077

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Meathead Movers Inc Reviews
No. of Review : 2
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Subject : DO NOT USE MEATHEAD: horrible, destructive service - Reviewed by Robin and Savannah Peterson on 04/29/18
Review :
Destructive and rude service. Lamps and pottery vases thrown into boxes with no wrap at all (let alone bubble.) Priceless pieces destroyed and no apology from Meathead. Don't use this service or fall for the marketing. They obviously don't know what their doing and lack consideration for your property.

We used the moving experience to pick up the pieces and will use them moving forward.
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Subject : Great job guys! - Reviewed by Clinton on 01/30/15
Review :
I was in need of movers to move some stuff from my storage unit. My dads friend recommended Metahead movers to me and I went for them. It was a great experience overall! They made sure that they were right on time and transported the items very promptly! The crew is very polite and well mannered. There were no damages to my stuff as they had wrapped them neatly. I actually called my dads friend and thanked him for the recommendation! The work ethics they have is the best that Ive ever seen. Great job guys! I would surely recommend you to anyone who is in need of movers.
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