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27651 Hildebrandt Road Suite 100

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Herb and Vi Morse founded Morse Moving in 1954. From their 11 children and 42 grandchildren, twenty-six work full-time in the business today, ensuring you the finest relocation possible in the industry. Morse Moving has eight brothers and three sisters who began working in the business while very young; gaining valuable experience in packing, loading and driving moving vans. Today 3 work as van operators, two of which were named in the Allieds top ELITE-FLEET, training our upcoming drivers. This ensures our service providers receive the highest level of training! Morse Moving has developed a team of drivers with an average of 14 years experience in moving families and corporations. This allows us to relocate you or your employees across town or around the world. We have "Certified Moving Consultants" and "Certified Relocation Professionals", with years of experience. They have received several national awards for being the BEST in the relocation industry.
Morse Moving & Storage
( 2 out of 5 based on 2 reviews ).

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Morse Moving & Storage Reviews
No. of Review : 2
Overall Review Rate :
Subject : DO NOT USE MORSE! - Reviewed by Nick Malenda on 05/20/20
Review :
TLDR at the end. I went with the cheapest of three quotes and I regret it. John Green did a nice job of remotely estimating my move (due to COVID, we had a video chat) which was on the smaller side of a typical amount of goods to be moved from Ohio to Virginia. The total came out to just over $3,500 and I thought that was a very reasonable price and about 15% cheaper than the next highest bid.

Due to the smaller load, it had to be packed onto one truck, transported on that truck to a warehouse in Michigan, then stored until it could be loaded onto a different truck that was making multiple stops heading east. I understand that is how they make small moves economical and I accepted that the delivery window would be 3 weeks long. After the movers packed my goods the scheduler, Tracey Pritchett contacted me and I agreed to a delivery on 5/16/2020 between 10:30 AM and 11:30 AM. I called on Friday 5/15/2020 at 2:30 PM to confirm the delivery and was told that "I am your next call, let me doublecheck and call you back". I called back at 5:25 PM to again confirm with Tracey and she confirmed that the delivery would arrive the following day. The next morning at 9:30 AM my phone rings. It's Tracey. She has called to inform me that not only will my goods not be delivered today, but they haven't even been loaded on the truck in Michigan. She doesn't know why the driver couldn't make the delivery because he never returned any of her messages, she "assumed everything was good to go".

I later get a call on Monday 5/18/2020 and Tracey informs me that my goods will be delivered on Friday 5/22/2020. I inform her that I am already scheduled out of town for work Friday through Saturday and I cannot be there to accept delivery and there is no one else in the household; I asked for delivery on Thursday. Impossible, she states. Her supervisory Bethany Gutowski calls me back later to verify that I cannot be there to accept delivery on Friday. I confirm emphatically, I will be working out of town. Today, 5/20/2020 I receive an email with an invoice for an additional $1,041 for storage from Friday through next Tuesday and they will be able to deliver my goods on Wednesday. They won't even tell me what time the delivery will be until the day before. I do have a new job that doesn't allow me to just phone it in. I guess that doesn't matter to them.

TLDR: I paid for a service to pack and move household good for me. They did a great job packing them. The transportation of them from Point A to Point B resulted in them standing me up on a CONFIRMED delivery with less than 1 hour notice, then informing me that if I couldn't be at my new residence to accept delivery on the date that they TOLD me I HAD to be there, it results in an additional charge of $1,041 to 'store my goods' for an additional 6 days. I DO NOT RECOMMEND MORSE MOVING AND STORAGE. In fact, I highly recommend that you take the next highest bid, which for me was "Two Men and a Truck" for my particular move. I have been on hold with them for enough time to have heard over and over on their on-hold voice messaging that 'mistakes are costly', doing moves the first time is important to them', and 'customer satisfaction is their number one priority'. Not true. I wish I would have checked reviews on them before making a decision!
*If you can't accept delivery on the day they direct, you are SOL and will be charged whatever they feel like.
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Subject : Glad I chose Morse - Reviewed by Mari D on 11/20/14
Review :
The team was terrific, honchoed by Dana. They all moved quickly and effeciently. The weather was brutally cold yet it never hampered them. Aside from the minor communication lapse between the mall management and the team, this very complex move was completed on time and well executed.
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