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4301 E Street

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Tollfree: 919-957-0886
Phone: 402-438-6521
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Mover Rankings is a leading directory of moving services in the United States of America. We provide complete database of all moving companies in US. Miracle Movers is located at Lincoln, Nebraska - 68510, US. Please call us 402-438-6521 for all the details involved in moving services.

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Subject : WORST MOVING COMPANY - DON'T USE THEM!!! - Reviewed by ALTHEA WOOLCOCK on 06/16/20
Review :
Complaint to Better Business Bureau on 6/16 at 10:30AM:
To whom it may concern: When I initially spoke to David Johnson at to New City Movers in May 2020, all was happy dandy, but when it was closer to my move date, he started dodging my calls, he claimed that he doesn't work on Friday's and asked Kelly in customer service called me to confirm my move date and pick up details. details. My moving Now company is City Movers, 4301 E Street, Lincoln NE 68510, Phone: (888) 907-1602, DOT #: 2365170 MC #: 836568 has emotionally distressed me for the past 5 days (from 6/12 - current).
The movers were supposed to arrive on 6/15/2020 at 9AM, they showed up at 11:30AM. They stated that they are only responsible for certain items and will not be taking all of my items to the truck, neither would they assemble or disassemble any of my furniture which is apart of my initial contract!! The main moving guy and I got into a screaming match...he decided to call customer service from my patio and lied and said I was being belligerent, so when they called to speak to me, that conversation didn't go too well. Kelly in customer service started cursing and screaming at me that I need to pay $600 extra...because of shuttle service an cubic feet difderences......she also didn't tell me that I was sharing moving trucks with 2 other families. I almost had a gasket when I found out from Shay in Customer service. I agree to pay the extra $600 and specifically asked if there were any more charges that they are not telling me about...they said no...there's nothing else for you to pay!
They also left the remainder of my items which were 20 pieces in my old apartment and said they were not responsible for taking it to my new place, and that I must call Donald Trump when I threaten to record them! The movers were to arrive in NY at between 1 - 3PM, but they arrived last night (same day of my move) at 9PM and demanding me to pay $200 more in CASH and I refused, so I called 911 immediately. They said this is a civil matter, but it will be recorded. I also called City Movers upon arrival and asked how long will it be before they deliver my items...I was told that Shay when the movers will be handling my account. She said she will find out the details and return my call. After 1 hour later.. I recalled he and she stated that she also had phone issues on 6/15th and claimed that their system had failed, so she called me from her personal phone at four zero four- eight two eight- zero three one zero to get nasty with me and hung up the phone in my ears several times and told me that I will have respect for her...because she deserve respect from everyone....I almost passed out...that conversation didn't go well...she dodged my calls and acted as if I didn't call her earlier..and she didn't know who she was speaking with. I was flabbergasted. I can't believe after a nasty day of emotionally distress from New City Movers they showed up yesterday, 6/15 at 9PM to deliver my furniture and items...who the heck delivers furniture from 1:30PM - 9PM....what were they all day?? Apparently they were busy delivery other people's furniture items ...I am literally shocked at this display. I am emotionally distressed 10 million percent. My blood pressure went through the roof and I almost ended up in the hospital from screaming matches with Kelly, Shay and the movers. While David Johnson was missing in action...because that's how they run their business....they all tried to get more money our of me. I am very sorry, I don't walk around with $200 cash to give any movers or delivery person at 9PM at night!! I wish them the best of luck because I plan to file a lawsuit if I don't receive my items asap. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND ANYONE TO NEW CITY MOVERS, New City Movers, 4301 E Street, Lincoln NE 68510, Phone: (888) 907-1602, DOT #: 2365170 MC #: 836568
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