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Back in 2007 our entire family made the decision to move to Austin. Think of it as a great migration. We packed up everything (including the pasture), buckled in the kids (because it s the law) and before we knew it we were settled in the beautiful hill country of Austin, TX. Wade, Wayne and Derek, consider us the three bulls of the herd, are all business bovines. Together we came up with a plan to keep our fields green. Knowing full well how hard it was to get our families and belongings to Austin, we had a pretty good idea about what we could do to support the herd. Moving to Austin was an experience and not an easy one.
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Subject : Do not use for long distance! - Reviewed by Kevin Watson on 06/06/17
Review :
Not recommended for long distance moves. Our move in January had damage to two large LCD TVs ($3,080 retail), the dining room table ($1,415), one small glass lamp ($150), and one piece of photographic art ($1400) totaling $6,045 to replace. We followed the process and filed a claim shortly after the move. 90 days later, this week, I received their check for $450 dollars even though we paid $490 for full-value replace or repair! Its insulting. Based on the overall experience and our experience with Graebel for 4 previous long-distance moves, including overseas, I don’t feel Square Cow has the right experience packing for long trips and I don’t recommend them.
90 days after they confirmed the claim paperwork was received (had to be snail mail), the check came with no explanation of the math. It is less than 7% of the actual replacement cost of the claim even though we paid extra for Replace or Repair coverage. They said TV pixel damage is not covered, since it is not physical damage of the frame but they did not have this damage before the move. It occurred during compression during the move. The ‘reimbursement’ was for repair of the other items only – not sure how to repair a photograph art that is damaged in a way it cannot be fixed. Not even sure how they estimate the repair since most places have you make the repair then then pay for it.
Now waiting on mediation steps which I assume will be slow and difficult considering once it crosses state lines and it has been a pointing fingers contest between Square Cow and TXDMV. We can't file with the TXDMV which is the information provided in the claim response. At least the TXDMV was kind enough to let me know that and provided the Federal links for the complaint process.
I picked Square Cow (SC) due to some positive reviews and it was a local company I wanted to support. My wife wanted to use Graebel since we had moved long-distance with them 4 times previously, even overseas, with no incidents. Graebel was initially less but Square Cow met their quote and I convinced my wife to use them. I thought being local they would should more care and liked the delivery time of only 2 days to California vs a large semi that is 5-7 days.
We were moving from a rather large house and were quoted two trucks. When the team arrived to pack, the leader was certain he could squish it into one to save us money. I mentioned I am okay with the cost of a 2nd truck if it helped get to Southern CA undamaged. Warning #1 should have been the idea of packing is extra tight to save them driving two trucks. I really should have been alert when they said it will work with one extra trailer attached. Sure enough, one very packed truck and a trailer showed up in CA.
Clue #2 occurred when I was standing outside as they brought out the dining room table and dropped it in the driveway. I watched a piece of the wood corner go flying off. The team leader was the one who dropped it and called this one in that day. Clue #3 should have been how they wrapped the TVs. Graebel always covered the screen in cardboard first then wrapping. SC only wrapped in paper which explains the compression (pixel) damage to both large screen LCD TVs when shoved in a truck. The same with the art. The damage to the one large photographic art looks like a hand print compressing the picture.
Although the team was polite, they are younger than the teams we’ve had from Graebel which explains the lack of some of the skills I’ve seen with more experienced movers. I would use a more experienced mover for any long-distance hauls, even with the slight delivery delays.
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