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Certified Van Lines Inc
New in town..
I had to use Certified Van lines and Inc when I had to move a week earlier. I was so stressed out as it needed to be done in a really short notice and I had no idea how these guys might turn out to be. I had never used movers before and I was new to the whole thing. I told them that I had no experience working with movers. They assured me that they’d take care of everything and not to worry. And they were right! They gave me no trouble the whole while! They explained everything to me, gave me a few moving tips and they were very warm and polite with me! They were so professional and experienced. The crew was right on time and very prompt in taking actions. I was so happy that I chose them! they gave me a great experience! The price is reasonable too compared to the rest of the movers that I checked out. I would definitely go for them again.
Review By : Chris Kingston
Date : 02/02/15
Rating :

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Beltmann Group, Inc
Residential Move
Beltmann movers are really great! They are so professional and well mannered! I had to relocate on a short notice and I couldn’t find a decent moving company. I browsed the web and I found these guys! They seemed very good. The crew was great and they helped solve all my problems with the packing. They were very careful with the glassware and other fragile items as they understood the importance of them. I had no trouble with them the whole while. I would definitely go for them again. I was so glad to see that my stuff was delivered without any trouble!
Review By : Victor Davis
Date : 12/21/14
Rating :

 Company Name :   Subject :   Comment : 
Jakes Moving And Storage
Watch out for them..
I’m so glad I found Jake’s Moving Company! They were just amazing. I had no hassles with them. The crew was the best that I have ever worked with. I was concerned about my furniture which were expensive and little fragile. But these guys gave me no trouble. They helped me pack all the stuff. They were expert in packing. They were very careful with my stuff. I liked how polite and warm they were! The truck arrived right on time and without much ado they moved my stuff promptly. I love these movers! The price was reasonable too. I have nothing to complain about. I loved these guys. I might call them again if I am ever in need of movers. I would recommend you guys to go for them!
Review By : Kristein
Date : 12/12/14
Rating :

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Morse Moving & Storage
Glad I chose Morse
The team was terrific, honchoed by Dana. They all moved quickly and effeciently. The weather was brutally cold yet it never hampered them. Aside from the minor communication lapse between the mall management and the team, this very complex move was completed on time and well executed.
Review By : Mari D
Date : 11/20/14
Rating :

 Company Name :   Subject :   Comment : 
R and L Moving Systems Inc
DO not use
Still trying to get the rest of my items. I have waited over 5 months
Review By : Toni Vaughn
Date : 02/28/12
Rating :

 Company Name :   Subject :   Comment : 
Remax Van Lines
You rock!
Remax Movers are of the best movers ever! They were so professional and perfect. I had a great experience with them! The crew was so friendly and experienced. They gave me some moving tips which helped me save a few bucks. I liked how they were so right on time! They were very prompt and delivered my stuff safely. The price was worth it. I had a good experience with them. I was initially scared as I had never used movers before and I was unsure of which movers to choose. But a friend of mine suggested Remax and it was a great choice. I’d suggest these guys to anyone ask for decent movers too. I was glad that my articles reached without any damages as few of them are very important to me and I wanted to be absolutely sure that I was picking the best movers. Great job guys! You rock!
Review By : Jackson Dirth
Date : 02/25/15
Rating :

 Company Name :   Subject :   Comment : 
Kash Moving
good movers in Cleveland
These guys had good service. I was a little unsure about getting movers from our apartment to our new home but they did a good job. There was a head board that broke, it was made out of particle board guys were very appologetic, honestly for them to bring in all of the remaining more expensive solid wood dining tables and hutch and not damage my 60" LED I didn't really mind. Guy told me they don't guarantee particle board items and I understood as it was cheap old college thing anyway. Both of the workers did have a "kash moving" polo on and looked professional, got done ahead of schedule which I was happy about. Our new home was setup perfectly and they didn't mind building the items they took apart. I saw the way they wrapped and covered all the furnature and looked pretty secure. I'd recommend them again for sure, and I think they were worth the cost, as they weren't the cheapest but you get what you pay for and they are definately a good deal for what I got.
Review By : Jay Khan
Date : 02/23/12
Rating :

 Company Name :   Subject :   Comment : 
Mullen Brothers Moving and Storage Co, Inc
Thumbs up to these guys
We had to use the Mullen brothers for moving some stuff from our storage unit. We had a great experience. They were very professional and friendly. They helped us with everything. They even offered us some tips on moving that saved a few bucks. I was glad that they were punctual and prompt. I really liked those guys a lot. I was so glad I chose them. I had heard many people telling me about their experiences with movers and none of them seemed good. So I was really worried when I had to choose them. But they never gave me a reason to complain. The manager was very polite with us too. We had a lot of heavy stuff to move, so I was worried whether they’d do it right. But they managed it so well! I would definitely go for these guys again.
Review By : Katie
Date : 12/25/14
Rating :

 Company Name :   Subject :   Comment : 
Sureway Moving & Storage, Inc
Sur- Way moving and Cartage was a new experience for me. I had to choose those movers a week ago and my experience with them was fine. They have a professional and a friendly crew. I had to relocate from Illinois and those guys were very efficient with the whole thing. They were very prompt and right on time. I didn’t have much trouble with them and they gave me no reason to complain. I’ve never had any experience with movers, so the whole thing was new to me. I was nervous about my stuff getting transported in safe hands. These guys were very punctual too. The manager explained the whole process to me patiently and helped me through the entire thing. I was happy that I chose them. I am sure if I ever find the need I would choose them in the future too! I would greatly recommend them to anyone who is in need of movers.
Review By : Shekif
Date : 09/25/14
Rating :

 Company Name :   Subject :   Comment : 
Watts Brothers Moving & Storage Systems
Quick and Safe
I liked the Watts Brothers moving company. The guys were very thoughtful and polite to work with. I had a good experience. I had to move some stuff from our storage unit to our store and we had no trouble all the way. They were very careful and professional. There was a box which was particularly very heavy. But the guys managed to move it smoothly and they didn’t damage any articles. It was a relief to see the truck rolling towards my store right on time. I never had any issues with them. I would recommend them to anyone I know if they ask me for movers. I know I would be needing movers soon to move some more stuff and I would probably go with these guys again. It is a lot of work to find a decent moving company these days! Most of them over price for their services and they do tend to be rude. But these guys are really better compared to such guys.
Review By : Yorhen
Date : 12/25/14
Rating :

 Company Name :   Subject :   Comment : 
You Box It Inc
Way to go Movers
You Box It is awesome! I had to relocate couple of days ago and I can’t imagine what a nightmare it would have been if it wasn’t for You Box it! I had a lot of antiques and fragile items which required delicate handling. I was worried that these guys might cause damage to them! They were very professional and experienced in their work. The never once gave me a reason to complain. They arrived right on time and managed to move everything so well. i didn’t expect the sudden downpour at the last minute. I was worried that my boxes were going to get wet. But they managed to move everything without ruining my stuff. Amazing guys! I would definitely remember to use You Box it in the future. I hope they continue to be good.
Review By : Wilson
Date : 12/05/14
Rating :

 Company Name :   Subject :   Comment : 
West Coast Movers
Would recommend them big time
I have had 2 experiences with the West Coast movers so far and all of experiences have been positive. I had to move my items from a storage unit to my apartment. I had a heavy piano and I was worried about it getting transported safely. That was my father’s gift and I value it a lot. But these guys made sure nothing happened to my piano. They listened to me rant with patience about how much it meant to me. The crew was very polite and warm. I have to give it to the team. The cost was very reasonable too. The second time I used these guys was when I had to relocate. That was a smooth experience too. I was sure that everything was going to be okay anyway. I’d say go for them. They are the best around. They are very professional and well mannered. I’d definitely go for them again.
Review By : Barney Stinson
Date : 11/20/14
Rating :

 Company Name :   Subject :   Comment : 
Vernay Moving Systems, Inc
Stressless n joyful move
I had to use Vernay Moving company a week ago while I was relocating. I had a satisfactory experience. The crew was good and the driver was good in his job. I had a lot of stuff which were to be fitted in the truck. The crew managed to fit them all and dealt with me well. The price is good too. I had to go through a bad experience once before with another mover and since then I had been cautious of movers. I was worried when I chose these guys wondering what they’d be like. They were definitely better than those previous guys. Those movers that I had to use earlier stole some of my stuff on the way and they just refused to accept their guilt point blank! It was a terrible experience. I was relieved when all my possessions were delivered safe and sound this time.
Review By : Brisbane
Date : 01/23/15
Rating :

 Company Name :   Subject :   Comment : 
Smith Dray Line
Will go for it again n again
I never expected that my moving would be so smooth and hassle free. Smith Dray helped me well. I had to move from Columbia on a short notice and I was worried about the moving. One of my neighbors told me that she had a good experience with these guys, so I decided to go for them too. She was right, these guys were very efficient and honest. I really had no trouble while moving and these guys managed it very professionally. I didn’t have much trouble with their price too. The crew was very thoughtful and patient with me. Those guys were very humorous too. They managed to remain professional. I’m pretty sure that these were guys with experience. I would love to choose these guys again if I am ever in need of movers. Great job guys! Continue the good work!
Review By : Victor Fred
Date : 10/23/14
Rating :

 Company Name :   Subject :   Comment : 
RDK Truck Sales
Splendid move..
RDK movers are really good. I used them last week when we had to relocate. The crew seemed very warm and friendly. There was a heavy downpour the day we were moving and I was afraid that my boxes were going to get soaked. But the guys made sure that no damage befell my boxes and reached them safely. They were very prompt too. They answered all my questions patiently and I was happy with the overall experience. They gave me no trouble on the whole way and I was satisfied with them. I was mainly glad that my boxes didn’t get wet during the moving. The crew is very professional and friendly. I would go for them again. The price seems good and reasonable too. I would definitely recommend them. Great going guys!
Review By : Gregori
Date : 15/08/14
Rating :

 Company Name :   Subject :   Comment : 
Joy Moving And Storage
Excellent at what they do!
The name stands justified! Joy Moving and Storage Company is phenomenal! We had no glitch the whole while! It was an awesome experience! We had absolutely no issues with them. The crew was excellent. My expectations were met without damaging any of property. It was a complete stress free move! They were so careful with the fragile articles! The crew was so courteous and friendly and made me feel relaxed. I had 3 kids to handle and I was definitely nervous about the whole thing. But they did their job so well. I was impressed with them. I can’t find one thing to complain about. The price was reasonable too. These guys are one of the best movers ever. I am so glad I chose them. I would recommend them to everyone. I’ll call you guys if I ever have to move again. Thank you guys!
Review By : Denis Nicholas
Date : 03/12/14
Rating :

 Company Name :   Subject :   Comment : 
Red Raider Moving
Local house to house move
They showed up on time & approx 10 minutes later I had to leave to do an errand, my daughter arrived approx 10 minutes after I left & I mover was leaning against a wall texting while the other was sitting, talking on the phone. When they saw her they said they were updating their boss on their "progress" so far. Many times they banged my furniture against doors & walls, also when they used a hand-truck they would not use any padding, They just laid my furniture right on the metal.
Review By : Kelly P.
Date : 02/13/12
Rating :

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